Barbie doll house

I saw this really fun looking  barbie house on Pinterest.  My problem was that my daughter doesn’t play with barbies anymore, luckily I have a friend with 2 little girls so it worked out perfect!  I get to make it and then they will play with it!

I started looking for the dresser at thrift stores and on craigs list, no luck.  Decided to try yard sales.  Found it at the first one!!  YAY!!!!

This is what it looked like.A lady at the yard sale informed me this is called a chest of drawers…haha.  So for her i will call it a chest of drawers, Im sure she is right.  It is really cute i kinda hated to take it apart.

But I did.

i knew that i wanted at least one drawer for storage.  So I measured and it worked out to have 2 storage drawers and 2 floors.  After i got that all settled i took out the drawers, the 2 supports between the drawers and took the back off.

I also removed the side pieces that held the drawers up.  They came out pretty easy just had to go slow and try not to break anything I wanted to keep.  After I got the railings out I cut trim to fit in the groove left behind.

Then I used putty to fill in the grooves.  i used the one that goes on pink and dries white.

For the floors I found a thin piece of wood and cut it to size.Couldnt wait to see what she would look like in it.  At least this one was dressed, why do they all end up naked?  haha

Then I sanded the edges of the floor and stained them.

 After the putty dried i sanded everything and primed it.  Then the fun part, choosing colors. I picked blue for the first floor, purple for the second and pink for in the drawers.  Here are several pictures.

So after is was all dry, we found some barbies around and tried it out!  Looks cute!

We decided that the barbies needed an outdoor space, with the left over wood I covered it with artificial turf.

Why the horse?  dont know…

The grass is just sitting on top of the chest of drawers so they girls can put it wherever they want to.

I cant wait for the girls to see their new house!