Plarn Grocery Bag

A few years ago I saw a purse made out of shopping bags other recycled plastic bags.  They had been layered together, was very interesting.  So since I am always trying to find ways to entertain myself I thought I would look and see if i could find out how to make it.  While I was looking I found a bag made out of plarn.  I wasnt sure what that was, turns out it’s plastic yarn.  Made out of grocery bags.  Sounded fun so I thought I would try it.

I usually use reuseable bags when i go to the market so I know I didnt have enough at home so I asked friends and collected all these.  I wasnt sure how many i was going to use cause I really didnt have a pattern that I was going to use.

You can really make any bag with it so if you have one that you like just use that one.  I used this one as a guide,, kinda just made up my own as I went along.

This is the bag that I ended up with.

All together i think I had about 70 .  I have a small ball left over.

So to get started you need to turn your bags into “yarn”

So the first thing you do is flatten out your bag and then fold it in half length-wise, and then in half again.

 So you should end up with that….^

Then you cut both ends off.

Put the ends in with your recycling.  Then you cut the piece left into about 1″ pieces.  If you are using a bag thicker than a normal grocery bag I would cut them thinner than an inch.  They were to hard to work with….

I went through and cut up all my bags first then sat in front of the tv that night and put them together.  Made it seem to go quicker.   haha

To put them together….you work with 2 at a time.  Open 2 and then overlap them.

Its super easy even thought its going to sounds confusing, once you do it, it will totally make sense….

You pull the top thru the bottom..

Then pull tight.

I hope I explained it ok, i took alot of pictures hoping that made it easier to understand.

You just keep going with them til all your bags are gone.  Then roll it in a ball.

It will be doubled, so its like you are working with 2 yarns.

My daughter took it to school the next day and the kids all liked it and asked if I would make one for them.  So I guess i better start collecting more grocery bags.  :oD

As for the other bag I was looking for i think I found out how to do that, so Ill be trying that soon!