So I was having one of those hair days….the ones where you would really like to just shave your head and never have to deal with your hair again.  I know that I would regret it so I didn’t do that.  I had done my hair about 4 different ways, they all looked bad.  Now mind you I’m not going to the Oscars or even a PTA meeting, just to the yarn store!  So why all the fuss?…I dont know….maybe you all do.  Anyway, after the 4th try I gave up and decided I would just put one of those stretchy headband thingys on.  I must have a weird shaped head or something cause it didn’t fit right, so I was trying to stretch it out so it would fit….well….I snapped it.  Did I mention that it wasnt mine, it was my daughters?  No?  Well, it was, she just got it for Easter….oopies.

So now what was I going to do..my hair was still undone and now I had broken Kate’s stretchy headband thingy…did i really need to go to the yarn store this bad????  ………….YES!

I was convinced I had to wear this band in my hair, specially since I had broken it…I dont even think she has worn it yet!  So I came up with a plan…I needed supplies.

I figured since I have a unusually large head….which I never knew I did…I could add ribbon and then just tie it…..?  What could it hurt to try, after all it was broke……

So I found ribbon and cut a piece that I thought would be long enough to fit around my crazy large head.  Folded over the end and wrapped it around the end of the stretchy headband thingy…..what ARE they called????

Wow! I need a manicure!  Sorry, got a little distracted by my horrible cuticles…….

Ok, so, after I folded the end of the ribbon over and wrapped it around the end of the stretchy thingy I sewed it on with a needle and thread.

I just went through it about 6 times, just till I thought it would hold.  I did this on both sides and then put it on.

So far its working…..the stretchy thingy is staying on.  All this drama just to go to the yarn store…for what?…for yarn to finish off Katie’s blanket.  Maybe that will make it better that I broke her headband with my extra large head???  Maybe….but probably not…..caue you know it will be her favorite color…or the one she was saving to wear……what can I say she’s 11…….haha