Barbie doll house

I saw this really fun looking  barbie house on Pinterest.  My problem was that my daughter doesn’t play with barbies anymore, luckily I have a friend with 2 little girls so it worked out perfect!  I get to make it and then they will play with it!

I started looking for the dresser at thrift stores and on craigs list, no luck.  Decided to try yard sales.  Found it at the first one!!  YAY!!!!

This is what it looked like.A lady at the yard sale informed me this is called a chest of drawers…haha.  So for her i will call it a chest of drawers, Im sure she is right.  It is really cute i kinda hated to take it apart.

But I did.

i knew that i wanted at least one drawer for storage.  So I measured and it worked out to have 2 storage drawers and 2 floors.  After i got that all settled i took out the drawers, the 2 supports between the drawers and took the back off.

I also removed the side pieces that held the drawers up.  They came out pretty easy just had to go slow and try not to break anything I wanted to keep.  After I got the railings out I cut trim to fit in the groove left behind.

Then I used putty to fill in the grooves.  i used the one that goes on pink and dries white.

For the floors I found a thin piece of wood and cut it to size.Couldnt wait to see what she would look like in it.  At least this one was dressed, why do they all end up naked?  haha

Then I sanded the edges of the floor and stained them.

 After the putty dried i sanded everything and primed it.  Then the fun part, choosing colors. I picked blue for the first floor, purple for the second and pink for in the drawers.  Here are several pictures.

So after is was all dry, we found some barbies around and tried it out!  Looks cute!

We decided that the barbies needed an outdoor space, with the left over wood I covered it with artificial turf.

Why the horse?  dont know…

The grass is just sitting on top of the chest of drawers so they girls can put it wherever they want to.

I cant wait for the girls to see their new house!


Another Gopher

It’s that time of year!  Gopher season.  Had another one, set the trap yesterday when i checked it this morning nothing.  Checked it again about an hour ago BINGO!  Caught him!  I have such mixed feelings about it tho.  Im happy that I caught him but also sad that I killed a living thing…..  Put him back in the hole and filled it with soil, hopefully he can be a warning to others to stay away so I dont have to kill them.

Lupine, Babies and a Beware….

I stumbled out of my house half asleep this morning on my way to get the paper.  Yes, I still get the paper.  I also like real books…..:o)  Reading the paper while I have my morning coffee just seems right to me.  Anyhoo, as I’m walking and looking at the yard I spot something that I hadn’t seen before.  Seems like its been years ago now, which now that I think about it ….I’m pretty sure it has been, well, at leat 1 1/2 years ago.  Someone had given me Lupine seeds.  I have never grown them and I’m not really that good with seeds, I’m trying to be better.  So instead of following the directions about how to start seeds I just dug a small hole poured them in and watered.  I know….so you’ll understand my happy surprise when they started to grow!  And grow.  Like I said its been about a year and a half.  Was about to give up on them when I saw this today

YAY!  It’s going to bloom!  Now just have to wait and see what color it is.  As I was looking at it  I found another surprise

Babies!  There are several baby Praying Mantis running around the Lupine.  Makes me so happy!

My  beware is to my friends and family.  It’s why I should never, NEVER give anyone a haircut.  A before and after….

Pruning is one of my favorite things to do and I have a little problem in stopping……

holey shorts Batman

My daughter has these old shorts that she just LOVES.  She’s had them for a few years and wears them often. They were cute when she first got them, they have those worn patches on them that are so in right now.  Well, what happened after several wearings and washings….those worn patches become holes!  And where they are on her shorts you see either her thigh skin or her underwear.  She’s 11 so neither option is really appropriate.  So we got to the point that she would put them on and I would make her take them off.  They were about to go into the trash when I got an idea….

Here is what they look like…..

see what I mean holes on the left and right.

My idea was to line the holes with a bandana.  Really any fabric would work but I had a bandana and thought that would be cute.  So I laid the bandana under the hole to try to get an idea of what size to cut it.  You can of course measure it, but for me takes to much time.  haha

I cut it a little bigger than the hole because I wanted to hem the edges to keep them from unraveling.  You could probably use pinking shears or they have stuff you put on the edges to keep them from unraveling.  But since I had the machine out already figured I would just hem the edges real quick.

Once I had that done I pinned it in place and then just sewed it.


Since I was already sewing, I sewed the cuffs too. I hate when then sag and I don’t iron unless there is not other option…and trust me I think about it.

I think they look cute and no more panties or thigh skin showing!


Hanging a basket the way Grandma used to

I was at the 99cents store the other day browsing, you never know what you’ll find there.  Well that day I found small wire hanging baskets.  which was perfect cause I was looking for a way to hang herbs from my fence, was leaning towards small galvanized buckets, but I couldn’t find any, so I settled for the baskets.

I remember being a little kid and helping my Grandma plant up hanging baskets in the spring, we would plant the sides and bottoms as well.  Anyone else remember those hanging pots?  They were a wire basket but they had squares to hold the moss in and you could plant the sides and bottoms up.  When they filled in it was like a big ball of flowers, really pretty!  Today they all used those coconut liner, not really a favorite of mine.  So when I saw the baskets I kinda hesitated, not sure if I wanted to look at coconut liner.  But for 99cents I went ahead and got them.  Another problem with the coconut liners are that you need to find the right size or get the flat liner then it kind of bunches up.  I figured since these were a rather small size it might be hard to find the liner so I decided to plant the way Grandma used to.  The problem of course is that these don’t have squares to hold soil.  So I had to get creative.

I had some green 22 gauge wire left over from something….flower arrangement?  I’m not really sure, anyway it would work perfect.

I started at the bottom of the wire form and crisscrossed the bottom hole then just went up wrapping around each post as I went

when it was done it looked like this

To line the baskets I was going to use green moss.  It comes in bags and is much easier to work with when it’s wet.  So I got a bin filled it with water and added the moss.

Looks kinda gross right?   haha  Once its all wet you grab a piece and squeeze the water out, it will be soft and easy to form into a layer, the bigger the piece the better.  When I helped Grandma this was always my part.

Start at the bottom and work your way up the sides.  Doesnt have to be super thick, just thick enough to hold the soil in.

Once you get it all covered fill it with potting soil.  The green wire doesn’t really show anymore.  See….

Then just plant them up!   I added mint to this one.

In the other 3 I planted basil, cilantro and spinach.  I like the way they look over the coconut liners and it reminds me of planting with Grandma.

I have a few larger hanging baskets that I am thinking of planting up just like Grandma used to, sides and the bottoms, but I need to find a place to hang them first……maybe from one of the tress?  hmmm….that may work.  Think I’ll go check.


Can’t help myself…..

I have come to the conclusion that having a large lawn is a guy thing.  This is a conversation that I have had over and over with women, their husband wants the lawn she wants flowers.  I have the same thing in my house.  My hubby likes the lawn, which don’t get me wrong I like it too, but I’m happier with less lawn.  So for the last several years I have been slowly carving away at the lawn, so slow in fact, that I’m not sure if my hubby has caught on yet or not.  🙂

A few weeks ago we added a few pavers stones to the patio off the den, well as I was sitting  out there enjoying the yard, I thought “Oh, that’s the perfect place for a few little flower beds”.  So, I put them in….

They are really small…..I didnt take out that much lawn….really there were some bare patches there anyway…’s a tricky place to grow grass……think he’ll buy it????

Here’s what it looked like before

See!  There are bare spots from adding the pavers…plus, well….it’s just not pretty!

So I dug out the grass….

added edging…..

The soil wasnt very good there, so I took some out so I could amend it.

I mixed the ground soil with planting soil, a small amount of peat moss and worm castings. Then I was ready to plant!

You can see my potting bench in the background, it’s all primed and ready to be painted.  The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, maybe I can do it then!

So, anyway, I planted lobelia, alyssum, zinnia, marigolds..which really aren’t my favorite but the color was so pretty I couldn’t pass them up  and also impatiens. The spot is kinda half sun half shade as you can tell from the pictures.  And when summer gets here the sun will move and it will get more sun.  So we’ll see how these do.  I also added little solar lights.

Cute right!  When is fills in it will look better, there was more room in the beds than I thought, but still you get the idea.

Hubby will be home any minute…..we’ll see if he likes it.




So I was having one of those hair days….the ones where you would really like to just shave your head and never have to deal with your hair again.  I know that I would regret it so I didn’t do that.  I had done my hair about 4 different ways, they all looked bad.  Now mind you I’m not going to the Oscars or even a PTA meeting, just to the yarn store!  So why all the fuss?…I dont know….maybe you all do.  Anyway, after the 4th try I gave up and decided I would just put one of those stretchy headband thingys on.  I must have a weird shaped head or something cause it didn’t fit right, so I was trying to stretch it out so it would fit….well….I snapped it.  Did I mention that it wasnt mine, it was my daughters?  No?  Well, it was, she just got it for Easter….oopies.

So now what was I going to hair was still undone and now I had broken Kate’s stretchy headband thingy…did i really need to go to the yarn store this bad????  ………….YES!

I was convinced I had to wear this band in my hair, specially since I had broken it…I dont even think she has worn it yet!  So I came up with a plan…I needed supplies.

I figured since I have a unusually large head….which I never knew I did…I could add ribbon and then just tie it…..?  What could it hurt to try, after all it was broke……

So I found ribbon and cut a piece that I thought would be long enough to fit around my crazy large head.  Folded over the end and wrapped it around the end of the stretchy headband thingy…..what ARE they called????

Wow! I need a manicure!  Sorry, got a little distracted by my horrible cuticles…….

Ok, so, after I folded the end of the ribbon over and wrapped it around the end of the stretchy thingy I sewed it on with a needle and thread.

I just went through it about 6 times, just till I thought it would hold.  I did this on both sides and then put it on.

So far its working…..the stretchy thingy is staying on.  All this drama just to go to the yarn store…for what?…for yarn to finish off Katie’s blanket.  Maybe that will make it better that I broke her headband with my extra large head???  Maybe….but probably not…..caue you know it will be her favorite color…or the one she was saving to wear……what can I say she’s 11…….haha