Turning my frown upside down….

So I had a bad day, I know we all do.  Sometimes I think we need them to appreciate all the good days we have.  Well I decided I needed to turn my frown upside down so I went outside and took a tour of my yard.  Here’s a little of what I looked at….

The lemon tree that my Mom and Dad gave us when we moved into our house.  Mom has since passed, so makes me think of her.

my first burpless cucumber of the season.  Its almost ready….

my first zucchini of the season….

mini yellow rose bush my Grandma gave us when we moved in.  She has passed also…

a salvia start from the front yard.  Its doing great, has a few blooms!

plums are coming along….

Grandma’s favorite flower….Hollyhocks

my Redbud tree is getting so big!  It looks a little droopy cause it was the hottest part of the day when I took his picture.

pinchushions are back.  They got a mildew really bad during the winter and i cut them all the way to the ground, wasnt to sure they would forgive me and come back. But they did!

a new addition, my favorite plant name ever!  Portulaca!

Another fairly new addition, State Fair Zinnia

Of course then I saw this….

my strawberry patch full of weeds.   But you know, it was ok.  Life goes on whether Im having a good day or not.  So I get to make the choice of how I react to things.  So I decided to just concentrate on all the pretty things I saw and smile.

The weeds will be there tomorrow……

5 thoughts on “Turning my frown upside down….

  1. So true when we look at all the blessings and reminders of those who aren’t with us physically, makes you love life!

  2. Sometimes it just takes a little different perspective to remind us of our many blessings. I notice all the beauty in your yard every time I’m there and wish so many of planters looked as beautiful as yours. Don’t forget to take a little time each day, step outside and smell the proverbial roses.

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