Surprises and reruns

One of the things I enjoy most about gardening are the surprises that pop up every once in awhile.  This morning while I was out watering, yes, sadly I hand water.  Sprinklers are on the list….

This first picture is a plant that comes back every year.  The first year I had it I wasnt sure what it was.  You know you have a problem when you plant so many plants that you have no idea what they are or if you even planted it!  In my defense, i worked at a nursery and would rescue plants that were on their way to the dumpster.  sometimes they made it sometimes they didnt.  sometimes i knew what I was planting sometimes it was just a surprise.  I have planted SO many surprise tomatoes!

So anyway when this started growing the leaves were pretty so I left them.  Then it started spreading and creeping all over and I was like hmmm….maybe this is a weed.  Then it started growing shoots up.  i took a picture and took into work to see if anyone knew what it was.  One person did.  THEN it bloomed!

Isnt it pretty!  Its a campanula.  I have no idea which one, like I said it was a surprise plant.  Before it bloomed 2 of my friends thought it was a weed and wanted to pull it out for me.  haha  So far I just have the one spike but I should be getting more.

Another happy rerun is this geranium….this one i believe is “Rosann”……again it was a rescue.

This poor little plant.  When i got it it was barely alive.  And it has “died” at least 3 times in my garden.  It will disappear and then come back, this is the first year that it has grown and flowered.  AND at some point I must have had phlox nearby cause there is a white phlox growing with it!  It had tripled in size so i think its going to make it this time!  Fingers crossed!

Another surprise is this Gerbera.  I do remember planting this plant!  In fact Im pretty sure I paid retail for this plant!  haha  It disappeared a few years ago, the plants around it got bigger and it was getting to much shade.  But he decided to come back this year.

I do need to cut back the plants around him, hes a little smooshed.

OH! My lupines bloomed!  They are purple.  Very pretty.  Ill have to get some pictures of them.

Cant wait to see what other surprises are waiting for me out there!



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