Can’t help myself…..

I have come to the conclusion that having a large lawn is a guy thing.  This is a conversation that I have had over and over with women, their husband wants the lawn she wants flowers.  I have the same thing in my house.  My hubby likes the lawn, which don’t get me wrong I like it too, but I’m happier with less lawn.  So for the last several years I have been slowly carving away at the lawn, so slow in fact, that I’m not sure if my hubby has caught on yet or not.  🙂

A few weeks ago we added a few pavers stones to the patio off the den, well as I was sitting  out there enjoying the yard, I thought “Oh, that’s the perfect place for a few little flower beds”.  So, I put them in….

They are really small…..I didnt take out that much lawn….really there were some bare patches there anyway…’s a tricky place to grow grass……think he’ll buy it????

Here’s what it looked like before

See!  There are bare spots from adding the pavers…plus, well….it’s just not pretty!

So I dug out the grass….

added edging…..

The soil wasnt very good there, so I took some out so I could amend it.

I mixed the ground soil with planting soil, a small amount of peat moss and worm castings. Then I was ready to plant!

You can see my potting bench in the background, it’s all primed and ready to be painted.  The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, maybe I can do it then!

So, anyway, I planted lobelia, alyssum, zinnia, marigolds..which really aren’t my favorite but the color was so pretty I couldn’t pass them up  and also impatiens. The spot is kinda half sun half shade as you can tell from the pictures.  And when summer gets here the sun will move and it will get more sun.  So we’ll see how these do.  I also added little solar lights.

Cute right!  When is fills in it will look better, there was more room in the beds than I thought, but still you get the idea.

Hubby will be home any minute…..we’ll see if he likes it.



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