What to do…..

This poor little mandarin tree.  It’s life with me has been a struggle.  It has had aphids, scale, leaf miner and clogged holes in the pot!  It is really trying, can you see all the buds on it?  It is coming back from its most recent battle, scale and clogged holes.  I thought I fixed the clogged holes by putting it up on a pot stand…..didnt work.  When I was watering today I noticed that the water wasnt draining the way it should.

When I worked that was one of the first questions I would ask when people said they had potted plants dying, it happens a lot.  People were always surprised, they figured if it was in a pot with holes it should be fine.  But that isn’t always the case…..

There are a few things you can do to try to prevent it, put rocks or packing peanuts in the bottom, raise it up off the ground using pot feet or some kind of stand, bricks work also. If it does still clog, tip the pot and use a stick to unclog the holes.  In my case, I don’t think I used rocks, did lift if up off the ground, but it is still clogging.  Since my tree is fragile, in that it has had so many stresses in the last couple of years, I want to try to fix it with the least amount of stress to the plant.  So I’m going to drill a few more holes into the bottom of the pot.  There is only one, it’s a good size one, but I’m hoping that a few more will fix the problem for good.  If I could plant it in the ground that would solve all my problems, but I have limited space….as I have a plant problem…..I cant stop myself from buying more!  haha   But there isn’t a good space for it so it has to stay in the pot.  It is a dwarf mandarin so really it should be very happy in the pot, if only the holes would stop clogging and the pests would leave it alone…..poor little guy..he’s trying though…….

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