It’s been quite a few years since I’ve had to deal with gophers.  We had them pretty bad, it was a non stop battle to get rid of them, so when I was out watering this morning and saw this

I was not happy.  They can destroy your lawn and garden before you know it!  There are also 2 more to the right of this one.  Which is usually the way they work, they are really smart.  They have an entry hole and an exit hole, sometimes several exit holes.  Over the years of dealing with them I have learned a lot about them, one thing that I learned is you have to be relentless with them!  And sometimes try different things, sometimes all at once!  This is the one that has worked for me in the past

But when I watered the area, all 3 holes opened up!  Which tells me that they are new and active.  So I decided to try to trap it.

You’ll need a trap, string and a stake.

I tied the trap to the stake, cause the gophers will spring the trap and then drag it deeper into their dens….like I said the are smart.  Plus it make it easier to find it, you don’t want to stick your hand in there and try to find it and find that it’s still set!

So then you need to find out which way the trail is going, you can use a stick or metal bar and stick it in the grass to try to figure it out, but for me, I just make the hole bigger which you would have to do anyway to get the trap in.  If you feel around you can figure out which way it goes.  You want to set the trap so its level, so dig down til it levels off.

Once you figure that out, tie your trap to the stake and then set your trap…BE CAREFUL!  Then carefully push it into to the hole, this is the hardest part.  I kept setting mine off…..

There are several theories about covering the hole and what to cover it with.  For me it just depends on how I found the hole.  In this case I found all 3 holes loosely covered with soil.  So I left it open so that he will come back to see why its open and get caught in the trap…… I covered the other 2 with pots so he wont go there.

So, now I just wait.  Wish me luck!  I’ll keep you posted!  🙂

2 thoughts on “GOPHER!!!!

  1. My wife was walking by our compost pile and fell into a hole all the way up to her knee. Fortunately she didn’t get hurt. When she put a shovel in as far as it would go,she never hit bottom. Those things are dangerous. I hope you catch it.

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