3 Tier Planter

For the last 4 days seems like all I’ve been doing is painting!  Some of the projects aren’t done yet, I’ll post pictures when they are.  So when I went to the store to get more paint, I couldn’t resist getting some plants.  (The pots I already had)  (oh and ignore all the chairs in the background, those are more projects)  This is what I got……

this is what I made.

My pots are going in the shade so I used Impatiens, new guinea Impatiens, ivy, pothos, and lobelia.  I like lots of different flowers in pots, so I always mix and match.  When I worked, putting together special order pots was one of my favorite things to do.

For the soil I actually tried Miracle Grow!  I know, I know!  I usually go on and on about how much I don’t like it.  BUT, I am giving them another chance!  I didn’t use it straight tho, I mixed it a little less than half with super soil potting soil.  I have heard lots of horror stories about what Miracle Grow has done to people’s plants.  I have also heard lots of people say they like it.  So…..its up to you.  The ONLY thing I will say is that please please do not use it on any plant that you are going to eat.  Fruits, veggies, citrus, herbs…..I have a whole spiel about it, but I wont bore you.  🙂

As far as building the tower this is how I did mine.

As I said the pots I already had so they really aren’t the right sizes I just made them work.  The important thing is to have 3 pots that gradually get smaller, then 1 that fits inside the large and 1 that fits inside the medium pot. These get turned upside down and the next pot sits in top of that.

I wanted the bottom of the upside down pot to almost be level with the edge of my pot, so I used some brick that I had sitting around to build it up a little.  If you don’t have bricks you could use rocks or soil.  I then filled in around the pot, leaving the inside of the upside down pot empty.

You can see the upside down pots a little, but not to worry when the plants all fill in you wont see it.  If it does bother you, you can just have them be a little lower.

I then just planted them all up.

I hope this makes sense.  If you have any questions about how to make these or about what kind of plants to use, leave me a comment and I would be happy to help!

Happy Planting!!!!

6 thoughts on “3 Tier Planter

    • It will look really cute on your front porch! I have seen where they painted the pots with the house number…thats looks really cute too! When you do it send me a picture, would love to see yours

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