Pillows…simple right?

So today is my 3rd day of looking for pillows for our new living room couch.  This was something I was not planning on doing.  The living room was fine.  But the sofa had a SMALL hole in the back, you couldn’t even really see it!  but its covered under the protection plan, so I thought I would call and have them fix it.  Well, they couldn’t.  So we had to pick out a new one,  they don’t carry that one anymore.  Oh by the way this all started about 3 months ago.  Anyway we finally picked one and it was delivered about 4 days ago.  When it came it didn’t quite match the colors that were in there.  Which I thought it would, it’s a neutral color.  So needless to say I am redoing the living room we will be painting this week.  The pillows that came with the couch I don’t really like so I thought I would just go to the store and find new ones……ya, that hasn’t been the case.  I’ve been to 16 stores!  I did find 3 today that I thought would work one was only $2. But when I got them home I don’t like the other 2.  The $2 one I am keeping!

Here’s the new loveseat:


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